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"To have the things you want in life, you need to do the things you've never done."

Welcome to Expand Your Horizons

Expand Your Horizons Academy is for the innovators, for the visionaries, for the person ready to live life on their terms with no apologies.
Expand Your Horizons is for those who are ready to take a leap, to be courageous, and create a legacy of abundance and impact.
This Academy is for you if you are ready to create a business and life on your terms and you know that it’s time to expand, to go all in, and create a
legacy of abundance. 

about eyh..

Expand Your Horizons is an online Academy teaching you how to be a high ticket sales specialist leveraging social media, business strategy and creating a mindset for success. 
With a comprehensive educational portal that we add to monthly, the Expand Your Horizons Academy brings you up to date information, resources and support from industry experts and business creators to not only build a business, but continue to expand your business and your life. We are not here to provide a get-rich-quick business! We are here to show you how to lay solid foundations as you grow and expand your business and set you up to last the distance. 

4-day free trial

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What does Expand Your Horizons offer?

Online Education Platform

What we teach and offer in the EYH Academy:
  • How to create a High Ticket Sales Business
  • How to build a business and brand online using social media
  • How to create a business that reflects who you are.
  • How to create a business that works smarter not harder through automation and systems to run your brand on autopilot.
  • How to expand your financial prosperity through mindset coaching and business strategy.
  • How to create engaging content and build relationships in your business.


Expand Your Life & Business

A 21-Day Method to Expand Your Business & Life:
  • Personal development
  • Self Care Practices
  • Foundations to creating a strong and sustainable business model
  • Goal Setting Practices
  • And more

Expansion Sessions

Ongoing training, masterclasses and education from experts, thought-leaders, and industry successors, including Martin W. Ball, Alex Tripod, Brent Orwell, 
Molly Orwell, Jennifer Segerius, Melanie Brandt, and more.


Expansion comes when you surround yourself with people who are growing and expanding too!
The Expand Your Horizons community offers:
  • Mentoring and ongoing training and support for business creators through our Private Facebook Community.
  • Coaching and support via dedicated mentors.
  • Online and in person connection with our community at specialised events and trainings.

4-day free trial

Then $129 AUD/month

"EYH was just something that resonated with us on a really deep level! We had both tried other platforms before in the online space, both tried other businesses as a way to escape your typical 9-5, but nothing has compared to EYH.
The guidance you get from not only your mentors, but the community as a whole is really something else! This is a place where I have never been afraid to ask a “dumb question” because here, the only dumb questions are the ones not asked!
EYH is our home and I’m forever grateful we found it."
Thomas Robinson

Forever the

What our Community has to say...

"The life we have created since working within the online space has inspired and enriched the lives of our family 10-fold. Never in my wildest dreams would have I imagined we’d be kicking goals like we are. Prepare for a massive shift by jumping into EYH. We can’t wait to see where this journey continues to take us!"
Kel & Clayton Lotz

Lotzies On Tour

"We truly feel that everything taught here is based on a deep insight and personal experience/study in how business practically works, and despite the course containing so much detailed information, the knowledge that is passed down can be understood by everyone. And this is also the beauty of the program, it is for anyone to get started from scratch.
We believe the team has found, through their experience, a unique concept to turn someone from a complete stranger to business into a successful entrepreneur."
Jas & James Campbell

jimmy & jas

"Coming into this online journey has been incredible for us mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially. Our mindset and business goals plus building our personal brand have shifted from time to time but our end goals remain the same. We are excited for you to see the value in this sophisticated yet simple training platform to teach us and you the skills, as we had no prior experience in this space. We have built a thriving business that has turned our lives from ordinary to extraordinary."
Steve & Allison

Down Under

"We have been introduced to a whole new world of generating an income. The guidance, weekly meetings, honesty and commitment to building a team of well informed and successful people is shown in the dedication they put into EYH. This platform is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, the sense of community is the reason we chose EYH."

the lifestyle mums

Tegan Gale
"Joining EYH has given us the skills we needed to enter the online space with confidence and future proof our lifestyle! The platform provides an in-depth, up to date and actionable education that allows people of all experience levels to duplicate success time and time again."

Brent & Crystal Stanton

Small town aussie adventures

What will you gain from Expand Your Horizons?

We believe that you are your greatest asset in business… followed closely by
the people you surround yourself with. 

At the Expand Your Horizons Academy, we pride ourselves with surrounding you with the Innovators, Creators, and Visionaries who have stepped up in a big way and create a legacy in business and with their online brand. And we bring this wealth of knowledge to you so that you can uplevel with the support and guidance with the best of the best.


4-day free trial

Then $129 AUD/month

No lock in contracts

Am I happy in my current work? Does it light me and allow me to grow?
Am I living my life in the fullest expansion of all I could possibly be?
Am I surrounded by people who uplift, motivate, stretch and support me to reach my true potential?
Am I ready to make a change that will impact my life?

We are here to help you Expand Your Horizons

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If not now, when?

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